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Podcasts grow faster together when they connect. This is why we're putting together "Castos Connect" - To help unlock new growth for all the podcasts on the Castos platform.

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How it works

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Join Castos Connect to find other podcasts you want to partner with to grow your show.



Join Castos Connect by sharing a bit about yourself, your podcasts and the categories your show focuses on. The more details the better you'll be matched with other creators.



Browse the directory to discover similar podcast and hosts in your space, to connect and grow together. You can connect with as many other creators as you want.



Once connected, there's a number of ways to grow together, from guest appearances, cross-posts or mentions for content that resonate with your audience.

"Collaborating with other creators is now driving more new subscribers for Daily Stoic than all our other traffic sources combined."

Ryan HolidayDaily Stoic

Next Steps

Reach new audiences to grow your podcast

By connecting with similar hosts, you unlock the opportunity to reach a bigger combined audience. Everyone is working hard to grow their audience, so why not do it together? There are a number of ways to partner with other podcasters.

Grow Together


Discover other podcasts you like, and recommend them to your audience. By doing this you help them discover new content, and in turn you grow from other podcasts recommending you.

Show support in your show notes

List the creators you recommend at the end of your show notes, to help your listeners discover new content.

Share an audio clip

Pre-record your recommendations and stitch it in to your episodes to help listeners discover the same podcasts you admire and follow.

Get out there more

Collaborate for Growth

Make a guest appearance on another podcast or interview someone interesting on your podcast. Either way you're exposed to their audience and together add more value to each other's audiences.

Guest Appearances

We make it easy to find your next guess, based on someone with a similar audience to yours, helping you both get more expose and grow.

Mentions, Cross-posts and Sharing

Find specific episodes you like from another podcast, cross-post it to your show notes or mention it to help cross-pollinate with other creators.

"That's the real power of collaborating, that you can find other creators that align with the same kind of content you're creating and you all kind of help each other and grow together."

Maurizio LeoThe Perfect Loaf

Join Castos Connect

Podcasts grow faster together when they connect with other podcasts. This is why we put together Castos Connect - To help unlock new growth for all the podcasts on the Castos platform.

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